I believe it's important to consider one's motives when embarking on a new endeavor or rising up to a new challenge. I was reminded of this idea the other day while listening to episode 80 the CRM MVP podcast. While discussing reasons why NOT to become an MVP, Gus reminded me how important a strong WHY is in driving the persistent pursuit of a goal.

Without a strong WHY, it's easy to fall into one of two camps. The first is filled with those who lose drive and momentum, never reaching their goal at all. The other has those who attain their goal but are so satisfied in reaching the goal in itself that they abandon all they've worked for.

All that to say... I thought it helpful to consider and record my motivation for starting this blog:

  1. To give back
  2. To inspire and encourage
  3. To challenge and better myself

To give back

Giving back means sharing my ideas, tips and tricks I discover, and any new features I stumble upon or learn about. I owe it to others who have done just this, having personally benefitted from things such as "CMR Tip of the Day" or following a detailed walkthrough or being made aware of some neat new updates (it's hard to keep up!). I hope this blog will benefit others in this way, because I wouldn’t be so strong myself without the community.

To inspire and encourage

I hope the ideas I record will inspire something in others. This could be a new way to leverage the platform, a no-code solution that eliminates the need for a developer, or a simple reminder of the basics. I’d also like to encourage others who may be struggling that we're all in this together and we all get frustrated at times. The Power Platform is so vast and so powerful that we can get in a rut or lose hope when we remain isolated.

To challenge and better myself

Having never blogged before, I’ve been a bit nervous to start. However, I know it means an opportunity to grow in something new, improve my writing, increase my discipline, and improve the use of my time. While daunting at first, I am excited to grow this blog one post at a time. By sharing with others, too, I'm forced to document my learnings so I don't forget things I'd be prone to otherwise. I also feel an increased accountability for staying current on news and updates in the Power Platform and exploring preview features so that I can share my take.

Through all of this, I hope to impact the community for the better. I aspire to become an MVP but not just for the title in itself but rather for the impact one must make in order to attain that recognition. It will be confirmation to me that I’ve benefitted others in a powerful way, and that’s my goal more than anything.