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Maker Portal: JavaScript/Event Handler configuration now available!

The Power Apps Maker Portal is where Microsoft is migrating the maker experience for model-driven Dynamics 365 apps from the classic Solution Explorer within Dynamics 365. Hopefully most people already know this, because it has so much to offer and will eventually be all that we have. We are slowly seeing Microsoft bring the Maker Portal into parity with the Solution Explorer. This reflects the merging of Dynamics 365 apps and model-driven apps into the same tool. Those of us who work in the Maker Portal regularly have become quite familiar with the infamous "Switch to classic" button, because we frequently have to go to the classic experience in order to do certain things. I get excited whenever I see a new option as I'm customizing Power Apps. The newest of these and one that I've been waiting for the longest is the ability to  add and customize JavaScript libraries and event handlers on model-driven forms . Good news is Microsoft has been diligently working behind