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Unbound Actions: How to share and unshare D365 records using GrantAccess and RevokeAccess

I recently had the need to automatically share and un-share records in Dynamics 365 - records stored in the Microsoft Dataverse. There are many reasons for this and many ways in which you might carry this out. For simple requirements, you might be able to get away with a classic workflow using Demian Raschkovan's  Dynamics 365 Workflow Tools . However, this may not suit your needs if you have a more complex scenario. For example, I wanted to share Opportunity records with a custom access team that's related directly to the Owner's Business Unit (different team for every BU). So I turned to Power Automate... We can accomplish this using a couple of unbound actions available in the Common Data Service (current environment) connector (still yet to be renamed to Dataverse...).  I won't go deep in bound and unbound actions in this post, but here's a few key ideas:  The Common Data Service (current environment) connector is only available within solutions. Bound actions a