💥 Countdown to DynamicsCon 2021

DynamicsCon begins in just 2 days, can you believe it? Maybe you haven't yet heard of DynamicsCon, so I'll introduce you. 

🔹What is DynamicsCon?

DynamicsCon 2021 is a virtual learning experience beginning in 3 days that is community-led and focused on Microsoft Business Applications. There will be three days of crowd-sourced sessions with live Q&A following each one. You'll find sessions on Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Finance & Operations, Business Central, and Dynamics GP. And it's all free! 

🔹When is it? 

The event begins in 3 days and will last from March 16-18, 2021. 

🔹How do I sign up? 

Head on over to DynamicsCon's website and sign up for the event, then create your account on Brella so you can participate in the live Q&A. 

🔹What sessions can I expect? 

There will be a wide range of sessions, some functional and others more technical. The keynote is a session you won't want to miss with Megan Lawrence, Microsoft's Sr. Accessibility Technical Evangelist, discussing accessibility in technology alongside Shawn and Taylor Dorward who know first hand the importance of this topic. With 60 unique sessions to pick from, you'll have to plan in advance which ones you want to attend. You can check out the full agenda here: Agenda - DynamicsCon

If you review the agenda, you can also find designated networking opportunities that I encourage you to take advantage of - I know I plan on it.

🔹My Session

As my debut speaking engagement, I'm presenting a session titled Automation in the Dataverse. It is geared at those working with data in the Dataverse, regardless of whether you align more with Dynamics 365 CE, the Power Platform, or even Dataverse for Teams. Here are some questions we'll tackle together during our time:

  • When should I use classic workflows vs. Power Automate?
  • Which connector(s) should I use in Power Automate? 
  • What do I need to know about the CDS (current environment) connector, and how can I use it successfully? 

I would love to see you there, especially for the live Q&A at the end. 

I'm not able to go as deep as I'd like in my 40 minute session, so expect a series of blog posts in the future that expand on some of the topics and tips I discuss. 

🔹What if I can't make it? 

Sessions will all be posted after the event, so subscribe to the DynamicsCon's YouTube channel to be updated when they're released. 

I hope to see you at the conference!