DynamicsCon Live - Bringing Power Platform to CE


Last week I had the privilege of speaking at the first ever DynamicsCon Live event in Anaheim, California. Dynamics User Group did a fantastic job putting together their first ever live event. What a blast! Everything was fantastic from the venue, location, service, food, people... Overall, it was a fun couple days hanging out with others that get excited about nerdy stuff like Power Platform and even Power Point. I loved getting to spend time with people new to the community, people new to me, and people whom I've only connected with virtually. 

A big thanks goes out to the Dynamics User Group team for organizing the event and all the volunteers who helped make it possible. Great venue choice, too! Heidi Neuhauser and Kylie Kiser put together a great lineup of sessions at the CE track which covered a wide range of topics. I delivered two sessions alongside Kylie Kiser, Michael Ochs, and the Dynamics Hotdish trio (Ashley Steiner, Merlin Schwaiger, and Liz McGlennen). One aspect of the event that elevated the experience was that most attendees and speakers remained in the same room throughout the day's lineup. As the day went on, we all got to know each other pretty well and it became a more collaborative environment. 

After the sessions were done, the Dynamics Hotdish trio invited me to join them for a livestream to recap the day's events. Check it out below to hear a bit more about how things went!

Live from DynamicsCon Live - YouTube

This community event got me really excited for more in-person events, because it's a lot easier to make new friends over drinks in person than over Teams. You can find details on my sessions below. Hope to see you at the next community event!

Automation in the Dataverse

My first session offered a deep dive into Power Automate tailored to CE folks. We compared Power Automate to classic workflows, discussed the differences between the Dataverse triggers, and provided a number of tips to save some time for those getting started. 

Download slide deck for "Automation in the Dataverse"

Bringing Power Platform to CE

My second session took a step back to assess where first-party Dynamics 365 CE apps fit into the Power Platform as a whole. We talked through each piece of the Power Platform, how it's relevant for those working in CE, and examples of real-life use-cases. 

Download slide deck for "Bringing Power Platform to CE"

Other Session Content

Event Photos

Kicking off my first session

Molly ringing in the start of the event

Fun livestream with the Hotdish crew

Late night shenanigans with Mary and Molly...

Great time with the Stoneridge team

Enjoyed spending time with Steve Webb (The Portal Connector), Michael Ochs, and Kylie Kiser


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